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SS1 Safe Second by Atomic Aquatics

SKU: SS1 $399.95
Why scrimp on important “safety” life support?

It is called a “safe” second for a vital reason – it is intended to get a diver safely out of an emergency situation. Atomic Aquatics believes that safe seconds are just as important, if not more so, than your primary regulator. Although rarely used, in some ways it is your most important piece of equipment.

You may never need to use it, but it must perform flawlessly when you do turn to it. Are you using an old primary, a hand-me-down or buying a cheap second stage for your backup? In an emergency situation, your safe second should breathe just as easily and perform just as well as your primary. After all, you or your buddy could be panicked or stressed so why add to that by struggling for a breath from an inferior regulator. The quality of your safe second should be equal to your primary. If cost is your foremost consideration, it could turn out to be false economy if you are in a tight spot and your second does not perform due to misuse or neglect.
*Comes in Stainless or Titanium. Titanium in Black Only
Includes QD Inflator Hose.
Category:Atomic Aquatics