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Shearwater Petrel 2 Fischer

SKU: 11004 $1,195.00
Perfect for Rebreather Users. Rigorous tested to the highest standards, commitment to safety and proven reliability over thousands and thousands of dives has earned Shearwater a computer a diver can trust all over the world.

The Shearwater Petrel Fischer is an advanced technical diving computer for open circuit, closed circuit and recreational divers.

Feature List Depth, Bottom Time, Compass and Oxygen sensor display Buhlmann decompression model with gradient factors conservatism Optional VPM-B decompression model Imperial and metric displays Available in Standalone (SA) model and External (EXT) PPO2 monitoring model A menu system that adapts to diving status Automatic turn off after 15 minutes on the surface Depth sensor rated to 450 feet/140 meters of seawater Dive Planner Any combination of oxygen, nitrogen, and helium (Air, Nitrox, Trimix) Open and closed circuit, switchable during a dive Can be used in Recreational Diver Mode for Sport Divers using Air or Nitrox 5 CC and 5 OC gases Gases can be changed and added during a dive CNS tracking No lockout from violating deco stops Automatic PPO2 set-point switching (configurable) Two PPO2 set-points, each of which can be set between .4 and 1.5 Flexible user replaceable battery. Almost any AA type battery Tilt compensated digital compass 1000 hour dive log memory Log downloads and firmware upgrades using Bluetooth
Multiple Languages: English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Korean, and Japanese