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Cave Diver

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Considered by many as the most technical form of diving, the full cave diver certification class prepares you to execute more complex dive planning as it pertains to the cave diving environment. Like all previous overhead classes, the cave class will continue to develop the divers emergency skills and challenge their personal abilities as a individual diver and as a member of a cave diving team.

1.Education of the student in proper cave diving techniques and procedures, cave awareness and conservation, dive planning and dive execution is emphasized at this level of training. This class combines standards from the NACD and TDI Cave Programs.

While the student shall learn and perfect procedures of conducting a jump and gap, skills and emergency drills previously presented at the Cavern and Intro to Cave (and NACD Apprentice to Cave) courses are reinforced and refined. The student shall be encouraged to continue to develop safe cave diving techniques and practices, awareness of the cave environment and conservation of the cave environment through personal and dive team planning and technique.

2. COURSE DURATION: The Cave Diver course shall consist of a minimum of four-eight dives over two to three days as a training level following (TDI) Intro to Cave (or NACD Apprentice to Cave). This course may be taught separately or in a modular program consisting of Cavern, Intro to Cave (and NACD Apprentice Cave Diver) with a minimum of sixteen dives over eight days. The Cave Diver Course, if preceded by the NACD Apprentice program, shall consist of a minimum of four dives over two days. The TDI Cave program will consist of eight dives following Intro-to-Cave Certification


A. (TDI) Intro to Cave (NACD Apprentice to Cave), or equivalent program; and

B. 18 years of age.

C. If training dives are conducted in which the dive plan results in required decompression students must be certified in decompression diving. In all cases it is recommended that students have completed a decompression course prior to participating in the Apprentice Cave Diver course. See Advanced Nitrox Decompressions Procedures Class: https://www.mcssl.com/store/zeagleexpress/scuba-lessons/technical-diving-classes/advanced-nitrox-and-decompression-procedures

NOTE: At successful completion of this course we issue both TDI and NACD Certifications.


A. Double tanks are mandatory, minimum volume 142 cubic feet, manifolded doubles are recommended however sidemount may be used if already certified or included in training.

B. Mask (x 2), low volume type recommended.

C. Power fins.

D. Suitable tank harness.

E. Two single hose regulators, one with approximately five-seven foot/two meter hose, one with submersible pressure gauge attached.

F. Exposure suit suitable for the diving environment.

G. Buoyancy Compensator with adequate lift capacity.

H. Dive computer and backup dive computer or bottom timer and depth gauge.

I. Slate/wetnotes and pencil.

J. Two cutting tools - knife, preferably small and sharp, and line cutter acceptable to the instructor.

K. Three lights per diver: A primary light and two (2) backup lights with illumination and burn time sufficient for the dive undertaken

L. One primary guide reel per team and two safety reels per diver. Specific dive planning will dictate additional reels required for executing jumps and gaps. Required to have three (3) jump /Gap Reels or spools.

M. A minimum of three each-directional markers and non-directional markers per diver.

N. One (1) Oxygen Cleaned Cylinder minimum 40 Cu ft. with it's own O2 Cleaned Regulator equipped with a SPG.