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Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures

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Advanced Nitrox Decompression Procedures class: This class prepares divers for the use of enriched air diving using breathing mediums up to 100% oxygen and the procedures as used and planned for in conducting decompression dives

This class is generally conducted as a combined Advanced Nitrox Class and the Decompressions Procedures Class. Each class may be taught separately as an individual class.

Divers will learn the following skills:

The benefits and risks associated with diving using enriched air mediums up to and including 100%.

How to correctly and safely apply the principles and planning techniques required to make enriched air decompression dives.

The proper handling and rigging of Stage Cylinders, Oxygen Cylinders and other equipment

Advanced Nitrox-deco Certification Requirements: Students are required to plan and conduct six enriched air dives to complete this certification (combined course).

This is a two part certification consisting of Advanced Nitrox use and Decompression Procedures.

Prerequisites: Minimum Age 18 years, Basic Enriched Air Diver or equivalent. Divers are advised that their back mounted cylinders will be filled with air for this class

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