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Open Water Diver

SKU: Open Water Diver $425.00
This is where the adventure begins. As an Open Water Diver you will learn the basics of enjoyable, safe diving through pool dives and academics. Then you travel to popular open water dive sites and complete your certification demonstrating your learned skills under the guidance of your instructor. Prerequisites for this program: Just wanting to dive! (minimum age 10 years) Please Note: Our Open Water Diver programs, this is the basic starting level program and it has three options. First let me explain here what is common to all our OW Programs: (OW = Open Water) Our schedules are very flexible and we will work with you to complete the course so that you don't miss those other moments in your important daily activities. We'll reschedule a session if need be. Our students must have scuba quality mask, snorkel, fins, booties, dive bag and safety pack (Safety pack consists of a personal dive surface marker, a surface signaling device (whistle), spool and a cutting tool. Note, your equipment must be scuba quality, no exceptions! Dive Site access fees are not included in the program cost. This is due to the differences in the many various dive locations that we use to certify our students and when possible their preferences of what the student wants to see on their OW course final dives, There will be two separate days of diving, we will be conducting two dives per day to complete the OW requirements. 4 OW check out dives total are required. The program will be approximately 30 hours of academic study, pool sessions and OW check out dives. This breaks down to about 3 sessions of 2-3 hours in the pool for each session, academic sessions vary by program and the OW check out dives of about 6 hours total (transportation to the dive site, surface intervals and the actual dives). If we need more than 30 hours we'll take it to ensure you are a safe scuba diver and confident in your skills. All course fees include: Course material (on-line or book form), Instructor fees, Certification processing, Use of the Scuba Cylinders, Regulators, Wetsuit, Weights, BCD, Diver's Alert Network Student Insurance. The Programs:

1. The individual Class Option; This is the most commonly chosen program because of our flexibility and thoroughness of scuba instruction. We will start a class at any time and not wait for others to sign up. Many times, our classes are one on one or one on two students from start to finish. Your schedule will depend on your availability. Because it is a group rate, we reserve the right to bring other students into the class. This maybe during the pool sessions, OW Dives or the academic class sessions.

2. The On-line Option; This program allows you to go through the academic material at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office. We offer Skype or in class time to the student if they request to go over any material if the student would like to gain better clarity on a subject. We always review the on-line course material to confirm the student understood the course content. If need be we'll do a class session. In this program each student would have their own on-line access code to do the course at their own pace. The students will still be required to attend the pool sessions before we can conduct the OW check out dives. We are flexible in this scheduling to best match the student's needs. Pool sessions and final OW check out dives may be with other divers.

3. Private Lessons "in class" or "elearning", cost will vary. In this option the student may choose between the on-line course or the in-class course method for the academic portions. However, the class will be conducted one on one with the instructor and no other students from start to finish may join in. This class can be done as partners. It is simply a one on one with the instructor relationship the above course scheduling is flexible to meet the needs of the student(s)

4. Safety Pack (Surface Marker, Spool, Whistle). Required for the course, Not included in course option fees

5. Dive Site Access Fees (not included on course option fees): Variable to Dive Site or Charter Boat.