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Edge EXP Regulator System - Yoke

SKU: EDG0173 $349.95
EDGE Exp Regulator System

1st Stage
Yoke Connection with or without Enviromental Sealing System Constructed of Satin Finished Trivalent Chrome Plated Brass
Streamlined Sport Balanced Diaphragm 1st Stage
4 LP Hose Ports & 1 HP Hose.
Offered Environmentally Sealed or Unsealed


Size: 3.5cm tall x 3.5 cm wide x 14.5cm deep
Weight: 1lb 9oz / .71kg

2nd Stage

Pneumatically Balanced for effortless breathing
Chrome plated brass and plastic air barrel reduces weight and cost
Black soft touch Silicone front cover for purge ease and cover durability
Black/Grey Composite Silicone Softbite mouthpiece


Size: 7cm tall x 12.5cm wide x 6.5cm deep
Weight: 12.2oz / .35kg
Category:Edge HOG