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Sherwood Gemini Octo

SKU: SR9000 $230.00
The Gemini replaces the conventional BC power inflator and backup second stage regulator. With this two-in-one breathing device, an extra hose is eliminated, giving you a less cumbersome dive. The power inflation, oral inflation, and exhaust trim valve are designed to remain similar to standard BC inflators, so you are already familiar with the Gemini’s operating system. SR2 OCTO The same extraordinary breathing characteristics as the SR2 Regulator. The SR2 Octo is outfitted with distinctive front cover, highly visible yellow hose, and uses the same one touch adjustments that the SR2 has. ` Connects to the first stage, giving you both regulator and inflator operations. ` High flow capacity hose that quickly connects your BC and inflator together. ` Flexible cover for easy purge operation. Simple to operate: just push down on the front cover to release air.

*Available in yellow, blue and red
Includes QD Inflator Hose