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Cavern Diver

SKU: Cavern $300.00

The Cavern class is designed to prepare divers to enter and safely dive underwater caverns.

Cavern Divers will learn the following skills:

How to correctly configure equipment, plan and conduct an underwater cavern dive.

Emphasis is placed on air management, correct body position, emergency procedures, and Cavern line reel deployment and penetration techniques.

The cavern course is conducted in two parts: There is a minimum of 4 cavern dives to complete certification:

Intro to the Cavern Zone, Academic and land drills. Then the actual Cavern dives.

Cavern Certification of training will be issued once the student has safely demonstrated all learned cavern diving techniques. Both TDI and NACD Certifications will be Issued

Cavern Equipment Requirements: The Cavern Student will be required to have additional equipment beyond open water diver standards to participate in the cavern diving course.

Primary Cave Penetration Reel,

(2) Two Safety Reels, and

(2) Two underwater lights of which one must be equivalent to a 10 watt HID and have sufficient burn time to last longer than the planned dive time (three lights are recommended)

Long Hose Second Stage

Cavern Class Prerequisites: Minimum Age 18 years, Open Water Diver or equivalent (Advanced Open Water Preferred).