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Zeagle Non-Exhaust Inflator Elbow

SKU: 111-9026 $29.95
Preferred by some technical divers, the Non-Exhaust Elbow eliminates a possible failure point of the BCD by removing the valve components of the Remote Exhaust Valve that comes standard on most BCDs. Use of the Non-Exhaust Elbow requires the diver to operate the inflator by pressing the end button and holding it upwards to dump air.... Please

Note that the Non-Exhaust Flange comes in two thread patterns, the pre and post-2014 models differ, please confirm your thread pattern before ordering. Old style is shown.
NOTE: The Non-Exhaust Elbow only comes in one diameter. You Must use a pre-2014 corrugated inflator hose. The bladder attaching flange cap can be changed to match your bladder RE Valve thread type - Old Style (pre-2014) or New Style (post-2014). If your BCD is post-2014 and you want to change to a Non-Exhaust Elbow you must change the corrugated hose to the old style!