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OMS Spool with Stainless Steel Double Ender

SKU: 24318001 $20.00
Significant improvements have been made on the design of our spool. We have eliminated the standard 1” central hole common to most spools and have replaced this with a unique concave opening on both sides of the spool

This new and improved design allows the diver to create drag and effectively control the speed of the line by easily squeezing the center of the spool. This feature is particularly useful for divers who deploy their SMB’s at depth. It also allows for a visual check of the knot.

Pre-packed with Nylon line
Satinless Steel BigGrip Double Ender Clip
Lightweight ABS plastic
Stores easily in most pouches

Available in different lengths and even a pink spool

24318001 black OMS 75' Spool (~23 m of line) with SS Double-Ender
24318006 pink OMS 75' Spool PINK (~23 m of line) with SS Double-Ender
24318002 black OMS 100' Spool (~30 m of line) with SS Double-Ender
24318003 black OMS 150' Spool (~45 m of line) with SS Double-Ender

Category:Reels and Spools