RETREAT: Kavindu & McAmmond - Insight Into the Nature of Emotions

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Current YAA Members use "coupon code": YAAMEMBER. Title of Retreat: Insight Into the Nature of Emotions at the Providence Renewal Centre 3005-119 Street. 2 pm Wed. - 1 pm Sun. Includes accommodation and all meals. Information: Anita 780-432-7152; Non-members +$30. In this retreat we will examine conceptually and practically how emotions are constructed from different body-brain-mind components. We will apply mindfulness practices and teachings derived from the Buddhist tradition, right where they converge with state-of-the-art scientific research on emotions. We shall see how perception arises from our past experiences, and discover why being mindful of our sensory experience in the present moment is the incredible opening that our brains offer us to update our minds and change our emotional habits. We’ll understand how bodily feelings, emotions, logical reason, and intentions are not separate things in the brain and mind, but ingredients of an integrated whole, finding in the process an unsuspected freedom of agency in difficult situations in our lives. We shall bring together mindfulness and yoga practices to help us work deeply with our body energy and our nervous system to create a deeply transformative experience. KAVINDU (Alejandro Velasco) - Kavindu has devoted the last 26 years to the rigorous study of Buddhism, yoga and meditation to refine his understanding of the human experience. His view is that in order for the teachings to be valid and effective they must be expressed in a contemporary methodology and language that takes into consideration the cultural, scientific, psychological and philosophical environment of each given social audience. Since 2005, he has been the Director of Meditation at Yoga Espacio, Mexico City’s largest yoga and meditation school. McAMMOND - David is an internationally recognized Senior YAA Certified Yoga teacher with over 47 years of teaching meditation and yoga. His interest in Therapeutic Yoga has taken him to India and across the globe to study and teach.

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