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The Great Wine Adventure 5th Edition

SKU: BGWA5423 $14.95 $12.70 You Save: 15%
New publication! Introductory special! Save 15%! Who needs tons of text to learn the basics of wine? The Great Wine Adventure 5th Edition features 107 lively, illustrated word games, mazes, map finds, match-ups, crosswords, and word searches that are designed to make wine-learning fun and as easy as peeling a grape. Thousands of people -- including new wine explorers, experienced wine lovers, and wine teachers -- love this classic book.

In this puzzle book, you’ll uncover stories about wine—grapes, production, tastes, smells, colors, chemistry, labels, glasses, bottles, people, regions, traditions, delicious food matches, and new trends. These "puzzles with a purpose" capture an overview of the entire modern wine scene and lay a solid base for lifelong wine adventures.