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Evening Vineyard II 250pc Puzzle

SKU: NP19-250 190 $48.95
Let this collectible puzzle pull you into mysterious vineyard forces. They include a barn owl who swoops nightly from a nesting box to hunt root-nibbling rodents and reduce pesticides; Earth’s moon, glowing down on sustainable, biodynamic grape-growing practices; roses planted to sense grapevine vigor; and grapes resting in cool evening air until the ripening morning sun rises.

Limited edition of only 40 puzzles. Each has 250 pieces with unusual, random cuts, inside a satiny bag. Each includes 39 pieces especially shaped like wine-related objects, all pictured and described on a colorful, 2-sided insert. Earth-friendly sustainable wood, made in the USA, created by Edie De Avila, author and puzzle maker. Box size: 9.5 x 9.5". Finished puzzle size: 11 x 11”. Replacement pieces available on request. No returns for opened puzzles, but please email any concerns.

SKU: NP19-250 190

"One of the best puzzles I have done! This puzzle is not only fun, it’s beautiful. I’m going to hang it in my condo. Let me know when you have another one ready."
Jean S.