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When you are testing various materials, you need results that inspire confidence. Inaccurate figures can lead to a whole range of problems that can jeopardize a product line or component. Having the correct data can save you time and money as you don’t have to worry about unforeseen issues arising from metals that weren’t up to the job. The Webster Hardness Tester is known throughout the industry for delivering precise and prompt results without fail — time after time. You can test metal strength easily with the carefully set-up portable models we provide.

In addition to the various testers we sell, we also offer test strips for hardness testers. These strips are designed to help users determine if an instrument is operating and calibrated correctly. Our strips will work with other manufacturer’s equipment, but they pair best with our testers.

You can find the Webster tester that meets your needs in our shop. Model B is designed for aluminum alloys from the 100 to 7075 series. Model B-75 is useful for stronger aluminum alloys as well as mild steel. The Model BB-75 was designed to rapidly test metal strength of electrodeposited copper in the low hardness range. We have your needs covered with our hardness testing products.

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1G WEBSTER® Model B - Standard Test Strips, P/N: SET B

SKU: $13.50
WEBSTER® P/N: SET B - Standard Test Strip for everyday use in maintaining calibration of a WEBSTER® Model B Hardness Tester.