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1B WEBSTER® Model B-75 Hardness Tester, P/N: B-75

SKU: $1,300.00
The WEBSTER® Model B-75 Hardness Tester, P/N: B-75, was developed to obtain more a more sensitive response to slight changes in the upper range of hardness covered by the Model B. This sensitivity is particularly useful in testing mild steel and and the stronger aluminum alloys. For brass the B-75 covers the range from annealed to full-hard. The 20 graduations on the WEBSTER® dial indicator cover the range between 20 and 100 on the Rockwell B Scale. The WEBSTER® Model B-75 Hardness Tester 'standard configuration' ships with a 3/8" anvil and 1/4" jaw capacity. Other custom anvil and jaw capacity configurations are available, please contact us for a quote. Each tester is shipped in a fitted case with a spare penetrator, adjusting wrench and standard test strip.