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FLEX-PRO A3 Metering Pump, 799 GPD, 125 PSI, Norprene (Tygon) Tubing, 3/8" OD Connectors

SKU: A3V24-SNK $3,960.00
FLEX-PRO A3 pumps feature a user-friendly keypad with a three color backlit VGA display. Wetted materials include Norprene (Tygon) pump tubes with PVDF adapter fittings, PVC suction tubing, polyethylene discharge tubing, polypropylene suction strainer, PVDF injection check valve, ceramic check ball, Hatellow C-276 spring and FKM O-rings. Each pump includes two pump tubes, PVDF injection fittin, 10' roll each of 3/8" OD suction and discharge tubing, foot strainer and 2-year manufacturer's warranty.