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FLEX-FLO A-100N Peristaltic Pump w 4-20mA, 2.3 GPD, 100 PSI, Norprene (Tygon) Tubing

SKU: A100V-4T $1,024.95
These naturally degassing pumps are self-priming and are ideal for use with products like Sodium Hypochlorite. Variable speed DC motor provides consistent chemical feed, eliminating mechanical starting and stopping Tube Failure Detection system halts pump operation in the event of a tube failure. External control on the A100NV Series can receive 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC and pulsed signal outputs from external devices like flowmeters or chlorine analyzers. These pumps include two pump tubes, 5' PVC suction tubing and LLDPE discharge tubing, mounting kit, suction strainer, ceramic weight and injector.