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Chemical Feed Pump A-100NA

SKU: A100NA $440.17
The Chemical Feed Pump A-100NA has a peristaltic pump design that doesn't have valves that can clog. It has a fixed-speed, dial-knob control, 60-second cycle timer that is adjustable and has a built-in tube failure detection system. This pump senses chemicals in the pump head, shuts it off, and activates an NPN open collector output. It is compatible with Blue-White's output flow verification sensor system.

It requires no maintenance and is self-priming, even against maximum line pressure. Pressure valves are not required and it can't vapor lock or lose prime. It also has durable housing of chemical resistant Valox (PBT) thermoplastic.

Other Features:

Outputs to 250 ml/min (95.1 GPD).
Output pressures to 100 PSI.v
Output volume is not effected by changes in back pressure.
Patented pump tube design installs easily and stays centered on the rollers without manual adjustment.
Two pump tubes supplied with each pump. No extra tubing required.
20:1 turndown ratio.
60RPM, 115V60HZ, with 3/8" OD norprene and compression tube nuts.

A1N30A-6T - Analog Timer, 60 sec. timer 100% duty
A1N30X-6T - No Output Control - fixed feed rate (no control knobs) best pump to be used in conjunction with a process controller.

Output Control: