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Viper Aviation™ Challenge Coin

SKU: GEAR10006 $20.00
Allow me to introduce you to the Challenge Coin. A Challenge Coin is a squadron token that is carried by military personal to show support for their squadron, teamwork between their brother or sister, and cohesiveness with all military brethren through the pride of their unit. I felt it only necessary for Viper Aviation to do the same. This company has been a dream of mine for many, many years. This is only the first in a series of coins that I hope to bring to the family of Viper Aviation.

Let me explain all aspects of the coin and what they stand for. On the front we have the company logo. Being a former keeper of the United States Air Force most famous fighter, the F-16, the first name of the company comes to bear, Viper. The F-16 Fighting Falcon as it is known to the world is not known as that to those of us who were intimate with her. She has and always will be the Viper. Being as we are an aviation focused company the next part of the name Aviation comes to play. Viper Aviation is born. The snake head or head of a Viper with its tongue hanging out with its big fangs states we are an in your face brand ready for business. We fear nothing and will take on any challenge that is brought forth to us.

On the back we have a little more heritage of what Viper Aviation is. The two silhouettes in the center are my son Chris on top and myself underneath. We are the heartbeat of Viper Aviation. Without both of us Viper Aviation would be lost. We are watching over one of the aircraft we build; the RANS S-21. The plane that I believe will be our number one build regularly and has been a game changer in the Light Sport Industry. The statement “Performance Builds Passion” is our motto. The performance of the aviation knowledge acquired over the past 40 years through modeling and full scale is what builds your passion. Your passion being the dream of flying your airplane. On the left side you will see the silhouette of the F-16. I spent 14 years maintaining the Viper and gained a lot of my industry knowledge on this aircraft. On the right side you will see a silhouette of the famous F-117 Stealth Fighter. I spent the remainder of my Air Force career Maintaining the Stealth (also known as the Stinkbug) to round out my aviation maintenance knowledge. Above the F-16 you will see a silhouette of the RANS S-20. A favorite of mine as it is a fabric covered aircraft that delivers flying experiences comparable to those that paved the airwaves of flight. On the right above the F-117 is a silhouette of the RANS S-21. The latest in a series of great deigns which delivers levels of performance and enjoyability that is incomparable in the world of piloting. We specialize in building both the S-20 and S-21. On the top is the birth date of Viper Aviation. January 16, 2020 will forever be etched in my heart as it is the day the state of Texas signed the paperwork making us a real entity in the United States of America.