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2004 1954 Fender 50th Anniversary Masterbuilt Stratocaster Y - Shishkov '54 2TSB

SKU: $5,850.00
Our Limited Edition 1954 Fender Custom Shop 50th Anniversary Masterbuilt Strastocaster comes in a two-tone sunburst color! It is a recreation of the first year Stratocaster with every detail exactly correct, including Bakeliteā„¢ parts, football switch tip, and even the round holes on the tremolo cover. Senior Masterbuilder, Yuriy Shishkov, created this masterpiece to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stratocaster. The neck is a U shape and is very large for a Stratocaster neck, just as a real deal '54. The closet classic relic finish on this guitar is amazingly realistic. It includes three new Custom Shop Vintage 1954 pickups, reproduction of the 54 originals. The two-tone finish and contour, pickup magnet, and screw are a replica of a 1954 Strastocaster.