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86-55 Broadway, Store A9
( Inside Broadway Plaza )
Elmhurst, NY 11373

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1000 2.5 x 2.5 Plastic Coin Flips - NON PVC - Safe for coins -HIGH QUALITY

SKU: 28620 $194.99
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No PVC. Frame A Coin flips have been a standard in the industry for years and feature high quality plastic materials. - MADE OF HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC MATERIALS - SAFE FOR COINS - INEXPENSIVE WAY TO STORE, DISPLAY AND PROTECT - SAFE FOR LONG-TERM STORAGE - DOUBLE POCKET DESIGN - DUST FREE INFORMATION: Place the coin in the holder and fold it over. One pocket can be used to hold the coin, while the other pocket can be used to hold the information of the coin. INSERTS ARE NOT INCLUDED!

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The New York Coin Shop That Adds Value To Your Collection

Old coin dealers are always on the hunt for the next great addition to their inventory. Rare, valuable, and historic coins aren’t easy to locate, so when you find a coin shop that has it all, you know you’ve hit a gold mine. Whether you’re looking to find that last rare addition to complete a collection or just starting, our coin shop is the right place to visit. Our selection includes both U.S. and foreign coins, so you can expand your collection to include coins from around the globe. We understand the thrill of the hunt, and when you come across precisely what you’re looking for, Vieira Coins & Collectibles, Inc. will celebrate with you.

Accessories To Protect Your Collection

Your coins should be kept somewhere safe to protect them from wear, damage, and loss. Ensure you have the correct storage capabilities with our coin accessories. As an old coin dealer who understands that the value of your coins is not just monetary, we can offer suggestions for the best way to store them. We carry a variety of cases and coin flips so you can customize your collection for storage. Don’t take chances with your valuable investment; talk to a coin shop that not only supplies genuine products but helps you take care of them too.

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