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$1 Face Value, 90% Silver coins, Random Year & Denomination, Full Dates -#16268

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You will Received $1 Face Value of 90% Silver Circulated Coins with Full Dates, no major Damages. Small rim dings, light scratches and other to be expected. Some coins may be toned, cleaned or polished. You will received random years and mint marks as well Denominations from our current stock. PS: This is Stock Photo. You will not Received the exactly coins in the picture; you will received a different coins from the picture but in the same condition as description with total of $1 Face Value of American 90% Silver coins. Dates and Denominations are Random Selection of United States 90% Silver Dimes ( Roosevelt and Mercury ), Quarters ( Washington, Standing Liberty and Barber) or Half Dollars ( Kennedy, Franklin, Walking Liberty and Barber) dated 1964 or Earlier. equaling $1 in face value. All coins will have visible dates and be in average circulated condition as stated in this description.

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The New York Coin Shop That Adds Value To Your Collection

Old coin dealers are always on the hunt for the next great addition to their inventory. Rare, valuable, and historic coins aren’t easy to locate, so when you find a coin shop that has it all, you know you’ve hit a gold mine. Whether you’re looking to find that last rare addition to complete a collection or just starting, our coin shop is the right place to visit. Our selection includes both U.S. and foreign coins, so you can expand your collection to include coins from around the globe. We understand the thrill of the hunt, and when you come across precisely what you’re looking for, Vieira Coins & Collectibles, Inc. will celebrate with you.

Accessories To Protect Your Collection

Your coins should be kept somewhere safe to protect them from wear, damage, and loss. Ensure you have the correct storage capabilities with our coin accessories. As an old coin dealer who understands that the value of your coins is not just monetary, we can offer suggestions for the best way to store them. We carry a variety of cases and coin flips so you can customize your collection for storage. Don’t take chances with your valuable investment; talk to a coin shop that not only supplies genuine products but helps you take care of them too.

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