Creating Loving Relationships Webinar with Vibrancy Essences

SKU: $55.00
This webinar will help you get into Vibrational Alignment with your own capacity to love, connect with, and commit to others in ways that naturally foster heartful relationships without struggle and effort. You will learn a Vibrancy Protocol designed to help you connect with your own loving nature, that will help you more easily appreciate our differences, and that will inspire you to stay true to those in your circle of care. This class will NOT help you find your soulmate on, or tell you how to miraculously get other people to give you what you need so you can feel loved. But you WILL learn how to align yourself with the energies that will help to naturally draw to you the kind of relationships that feed your soul. Clear the conscious and unconscious blocks that have made your past relationships so problematic. Attune yourself to the Powers within you that will support you in establishing healthier ones from this day forward.
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