Creating Your Authenic 2018 Webinar with Vibrancy Essences

SKU: $55.00
This is not your typical brainstorming, vision-boarding, goal-setting class! This is Vibrational Alignment with who you are and what you dream of. You will learn a Vibrancy Protocol designed to help you connect with own authentic self, become the architect of your year (and your life), create goals that are in alignment with your values and your heart, and follow through with your action plan. In this class, you will NOT be Setting The Goals, or Planning the Timelines… we trust you already know how to do that, or can find a good mentor or coach to help you do it. In this class you will learn how to align yourself with the energies that will make it all easier! Clear the conscious and unconscious blocks that have derailed your goals in the past. Attune yourself to the Powers within you that will support your creation of an amazing year.
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