Vibrancy Signature Discovery in Phoenix, AZ - Deposit

SKU: $50.00
Discover your Vibrancy Signature!

After paying this deposit you will be directed to our signup page to schedule your evaluation appointment in Phoenix, AZ. The remaining balance for the full Vibrancy Signature Package will be collected at that appointment.

Total fee will include the 20-minute evaluation, custom e-book, and follow-up coaching session with Chaya Champion at later date. These sessions can be done by phone or Zoom. We will schedule these with you at your evaluation appointment.

The full fee to discover your Vibrancy Signature will be $250. We will email you a receipt as proof of purchase for your deposit.

The location for your evaluation: Juice Plus Leadership Conference, Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N Third St, Phoenix, AZ. We will let you know by email or your Voxer number by Thursday morning, March 26th where you can find Jamie for your appointment.
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