Healthy Cravings Essence Set

SKU: $78.00
Strengthen and balance these Powers and get the energetic support you need for any deep emotions that are driving you to junk food, caffeine and alcohol. And to move you toward craving foods that you enjoy AND that are good for you! Set includes one bottle each of: STABILITY to support your sense of comfort and security, and help you build a life that is settled and grounded. LOVE to help you open your heart, soften your edges, and shower yourself and others with kindness. REVEAL to help bring your difficult issues to the surface to be calmed, soothed and resolved with courage, compassion and support. ENTHUSIASM to inspire you to want to live a healthier lifestyle, and feel more energized by life. INTEGRITY to support you in developing healthier personal boundaries. MINDFULNESS to help you be more present and attentive when you are choosing, preparing and eating your food.
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