Providing the only in-home whelping service since 1997.  A specialty company developed and run by breeders for breeders.

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Veterinary Perinatal Specialty Inc.

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Whelping Kit

SKU: $45.00
1 Bulb Syringe 1 DeeLee Mucus Trap 1 Feeding tube (5fr or 8fr) 2 Hemostats 3.5 (for puppies 3oz or smaller at birth) or 4.5 straight or curved 1 1oz Nutrition Drop 6 Single gloves S,M or L 2 10cc syringes 1 Preemie Nipple 1 Volu-Feed Bottle 5 Packets of Water Based Lubricant 10 Iodine Wipes (MUCH easier than a bottle of iodine)