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We do not use Diacetyl to enhance the flavoring in our e-juice.

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Never mind the Flavor Ban! Our flavor concentrate recipes can now be purchased separately for those of you who want to add your own flavoring to your PG/VG base. This comes in handy for do-it-yourselfers as well as for people facing a flavor ban. (Excludes Dekang tobacco flavorings.)

Now you can have your favorite juice. Take a look at all of our juices that we have online, and tell us which flavor concentrate recipe you would like us to make up for you to add to your own PG/VG. (Excludes Dekang tobacco flavorings.)

How much flavor concentrate do I need?

We recommend 10-20%:
30mL juice, add 3ml to 6ml Flavor Concentrate
50ml juice, add 5ml to 10ml Flavor Concentrate
100ml juice, add 10ml to 20ml Flavor Concentrate
120ml juice, add 12ml to 24ml Flavor Concentrate

Please order a syringe from our site for measuring. We will let you know on your Flavor Concentrate bottle label how much to add to your PG/VG base based upon the flavor/recipe you’ve chosen.