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510 - EGO Adapter

SKU: Z12187 $6.95 $4.95 You Save: 29%
ON SALE!!! ONLINE ONLY. FREE USA SHIPPING ON $25 ORDERS!!! 510 - Ego Adapter allows you to use your EGO-T Atomizers and EGO Mega Carts on 510 threaded devices. GREAT FOR MODS!!!

For a long time now electronic cigarette mod users have wanted a way to use eGo or eGo-T style atomizers, tank systems or mega cartomizers with their mods. The problem is that most of the time the eGo style atomizers cannot screw down onto a mods 510 connector because there is nowhere for the outer skirt to recess. This is because the eGo style connector has the electrical connection up -inside- the atomizer instead of sticking out like a normal 510.With this adapter you can thread it into your mods 510 connector and then attach your eGo mega atomizer, eGo-T tank system atomizers or mega eGo cartomizers with ease. You can even use it to screw a regular 510 style atomizer into and cover with an eGo cone. On some mods this could give you the ability to have adjustable draw -and- it may quiet down this HISSSSSSSSS that some mods such as the older GGTS make when you use them.