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2-in-1 Ohm & Voltage Meter (Batteries Included!)

SKU: 49081 $24.95 $5.95 You Save: 76%
ON SALE!!! ONLINE ONLY. FREE USA SHIPPING ON $25 ORDERS!!! 2-in-1 Ohm & Voltage Meter Reader (Battery Included!). Test your battery for voltage and/or test your atomizer, cartomizer, or rebuildable for ohms.

Easily test cartomizers and atomizers without having to use a meter. Simply screw on a cartomizer or atomizer and this tester will show you the ohms. Great for testing ohms or for bad cartomizers or atomizers and rebuildables. Basic accuracy is 0.15Ohm or 0.2%, whichever is larger.

The meter is simple and easy to use with native 510 connectors. Extensions or adapters can be used to test other atomizers or cartomizers as well as eGo style atomizers and cartomizers. The test amperage is only 6mA and will not produce heat at the coil of the atomizer or cartomizer you are testing.

Check the output voltage of 510 threaded manual button batteries or MODS using the female thread. Simply screw on a 510 battery and hold down the button on the battery. The LCD on the meter will display the batteries output voltage.

Uses two (2) 1.5 Volt AA batteries. DO NOT USE 14500 Li-ion or other 3.7 Volt Batteries as this can cause inconsistent readings.

ses two AA batteries(Batteries INCLUDED!)<
heck the resistance of 510 threaded atomizers, cartomizers, RBAs (using the male thread)
heck the output voltage of 510 threaded manual button batteries or MODS (using the female thread)
lso includes 510 to Ego adapter to check Ego Clearomizers
n/off Switch
imensions: 2-3/4" x 1-7/8" x 3/4"

Package Contents:
x 2-in-1 Ohm & Voltage Meter
x Batteries