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GustBusterⓇ LTD™ Umbrella

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Our finest GustBuster ever built! It took 4 years of research and development to put the finishing touches on this award winning product. It has all the features of our Metro™. However, The LTD™ is the first automatic open/close folding umbrella on the market that can withstand winds of 55 plus MPH and worthy of the GustBuster brand. This feature of Automatic open/ Automatic Close enables you to easily get in and out of a vehicle or thru a doorway with one push of a button !! No more stopping to use two hands to close your umbrella while you are standing in the elements!!!

Automatic Open/Close
Hexagonal shaft to prevent snapping
Hardened steel to prevent frame from crimping and snapping
Fiberglass ribs with Memory Rod™ construction to provide greater flexibility and durability
Extra wide double closure straps to facilitate the ease of folding/storing the umbrella
Matching sleeve with drawstring closure. Doubles as a handy
Backpack or over the shoulder carrying case
Hardwood ergonomic handle with a 5 inch wrist strap

This handle is available to be engraved or personalized with your name or company ID
Choice of Font: Times Roman or Cursive script
Choice of Plate Brass or Stainless steel


Weight: 2 Pound
Arc 43"
Folded Length 16 inches

Specializing in Corporate Imprinting