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6004 Mustafa Kandirali - A tribute to one of the greatest Turkish-Gypsy clarinet players

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A LIMITED EDITION 100-PAGE HARDBOUND BOOK WITH CD. Mustafa Kandirali Jazz aficionados and world music enthusiasts have known Mustafa Kandirali's music for decades. He has been the biggest name in Turkish Gypsy music for over thirty years and one of the first non-western musicians to tour the USA in the 60's. It would be impossible to visit Turkey and not hear him on TV, in the streets, in taxi cabs or on the radio within 24 hours. A true legend, this collection presents his most famous pieces chosen from over 100 recordings, digitally remastered with audio fidelity stereo sound quality, including his most famous Belly Dance pieces (cifte telli), Gypsy songs (oyun havalar), Improvisations (taksims) and much more. Book includes photos from his personal albums, interviews, information about his unique style of playing, and his personal memoirs in performing with the most famous musicians and singers in Istanbul. This is a limited, hardbound collector's edition specially designed to celebrate the master's 75th birthday. ''It is only a matter of time before his status as one of the 20th century's essential musical geniuses is universally acknowledged.'' Mark Hudson, Daily Telegraph 1. Ussak Taksim 2. Haydar Haydar 3. Firuze Arabesk 4. Cifetelli 5. Modern Anadol 6. K?rbac Roman? 7. Karcigar Taksim 8. Iki cesmelik Roman? 9. Kurdili Hicazkar Saz Semaisi 10. Pristine Oyun Havas? 11. Bahriye ciftetellisi 12. Tavas Zeybegi 13. Iskece Roman? 14. Aydin Roman Havas? 15. Hicaz Dolap