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4296 Margot Leverett - The Art Of Klezmer Clarinet

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From The Philadelphia Inquirer "Klezmer Clarinet Virtuoso" "A founding member of the Klezmatics and leading musician in the klezmer revival, Margot Leverett is a classically trained clarinetist who combines impeccable technique with the playful virtuosity of the klezmer style. A tribute to the legendary clarinetists Naftule Brandwein, Dave Tarras, and Shloimke Beckerman, whose virtuosity and dazzling showmanship made the clarinet synonymous with Klezmer for decades. Leverett absorbed the klezmer repertoire like other young musicians in the revival, hunched over cassette decks and 8 players, but she also studied directly with one of the last of the klezmer clarinet masters, Sid Beckerman, thus reviving klezmer's subtle intonation and instrumental technique as well as its repertoire. The Art of Klezmer Clarinet is not ''Klezmer jazz'' or ''New Wave Klezmer''...this is pure unadulterated Klezmer clarinet party music, accompanied by Klezmer's top musicians from around the country...played exactly the way she learned from the masters! With liner notes by Leverett, she recounts her experiences learning from the masters and spending time with their families such as the legendary Epstein brothers, Sid Beckerman, noted historian Henry Sapoznik and old time Klezmer wedding drummer Mickey Katz." Part of the Digital Audiophile Series. Margot Leverett - clarinet, alto saxophone Jim Guttmann - bass Evan Harlan - accordion David Harris - trombone Mimi Rabson - violin Grant Smith - percussion Bob Weiner - percussion