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4265 Udi Hrant

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For anyone who has picked up an ud, the name Hrant Kenkulian remains alone, a legend akin to that of Segovia or Horowitz. As an innovator of modern ud technique and interpreter of the eastern modal system, his contribution has influenced virtually every living udist. Born in the last stages of the Ottoman Empire, the blind Armenian musician is considered one of the greatest masters of the 12-stringed, fretless lute. Previously unissued, these tapes were recently discovered, having been recorded in New York during his tour to the United States in 1950. Available on CD or cassette. Singout! "A fascinating look at a historical figure, this recording is essential for anyone interested in Turkish music." The Beat " the George Shearing of Asia Minor, his playing is charged with the heartache of a levee's worth of bluesmen..." Victory Review "... a man who, like Jascha Heifetz or Earl Scruggs, revolutionized the use of the instrument." JAZZIZ "His work on the ud is nothing short of breath-taking, something any string player could appreciate." 1. Rast Taksim 3:10 2. Dilerim Sen (Rast Sarki) 2:56 3. Hicaz Taksim 3:25 4. Huseyni Taksim 2:20 5. Suzinak Saz semai 4:46 (Kemani Tateyos Efendi) 6. Hicaz Sarki/KarSlama 5:27 7. Mahur Saz semai 5:19 (Kemenceci Nikolaki) 6. Hicaz Sarki/KarSlama 5:27 7. Mahur Saz semai 5:19 (Kemenceci Nikolaki) 8. Nihavent Taksim 4:16 9.Saba Taksim 4:11 10. Huzzam Taksim 7:10 11. Hicaz Saz semai 4:06 (Yusuf Pasa) 12. Kurdilihicazk Pesrev 3:44 (Kemani Tateyos Efendi) 13. Armenian Dance 2:56 14. Huzzam Sarki/Hoknadz Durtmadz 4:54
Category:Armenian Artists