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6011 New York Gypsy All-Stars

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The New York Gypsy All-Stars , masters of contemporary Balkan Gypsy music, have a musical chemistry with explosive staying power. They were born from the very first ''proud and loud'' New York Gypsy Festival, spotlighting Eastern European, Balkan and Gypsy music, it's members comprised of musicians from around the world who have made New York City their home. The All-Stars blend traditional Gypsy, Turkish, Indian, and Latin flavors with a scorching jazz and funk backbone, creating a unique sound which exemplifies NYC in the most eclectic sense possible. Ismail Lumanovski, clarinet (Macedonia), Tamer Pinarbasi, kanun (Turkey), Panagiotis Andreou, bass (Greece), Engin Gunaydin, drums (Turkey), Jason Lindner, keyboards (Brooklyn).