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4345 Bahar Movahed and Ali Akbar Moradi - Goblet of Eternal Light

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Ali Akbar Moradi, born 1957 is a well known Iranian Kurdish musician and composer. He was born in the Iranian city of Kermanshah. He started music at a very early age, and learned the Kurdish maqam repertoire and tanbur (Kurdish lute) under the supervision of Kurdish masters such as Mirza Sayyed Ali Kafashyan, Kaki Allah Morad Hamidi and Sayyed Vali Hosseyni. He gave his first recital in 1971 in Kermanshah. In 1981, he began collaborating with the Kurdish singer Shahram Nazeri, and performed throughout Europe and North America. He is an expert on the tanbur instrument, which is considered sacred in Kurdish sufi music. He has performed concerts and tours in the US, Middle East and Europe with Kayhan Kalhor. The British Global Magazine listed him amongst "one of the fifty greatest musicians on the planet." Movahed wasn't born in the Kurdish region of Iran. But it was born into her. Her roots go back to the Kurdish city of Kermanshah, and her childhood featured regular visits to family there. As a teenager, she even learned to play tanbur -- the lute that's the signature instrument of Kurdish music -- from some of her father's friends. It was not, though, a focus of her youthful musical training in Tehran, where she grew up. As a singing prodigy she pursued study of Persian classical and traditional music, winning acclaim for her remarkable control and pure tone in the hugely demanding field. But she couldn't hold back the Kurdish side of her roots. So she sought out Ali Akbar Moradi, one of the true masters of the tanbur, which has a legacy said to stretch back more than five millennia. The result -- several years later -- is Goblet of Eternal Light, a stunningly beautiful, arrestingly moving album of intertwined tanbur and vocals, both remarkably emotive, drawing on centuries of Kurdish musical and poetic traditions. ''Bahar Movahed has placed her Persian classical voice at the service of Kurdish folk repertoire in way that is remarkable, all the more so for her being a woman.'' - Kayhan Kalhor
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