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4342 Joel Rubin Ensemble - Nign of Reb Mendel

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Joel Rubin Ensemble featuring Rabbi Eli Silberstein In his second recording on the Traditional Crossroads series, clarinetist Joel Rubin continues his exploration of the intersection between the Jewish instrumental klezmer and hasidic vocal traditions. The ensemble features the singing of Eli Silberstein, a Chabad rabbi born in Antwerp, who comes from a long line of religious scholars from Russia and Lithuania. In this collection, Silberstein commands a large repertoire of Old World nigunim, Hasidic melodies of spiritual elevation focusing on songs with Yiddish text. 1. Omar Hashem (God Said) 2. Reb Meir Shapiro 3. Riboynoy Shel Oylom (Master of the Universe) 4. Reb Mendel Futterfass 5. Reb Mikhl Zlotshever 6. Geloybt Bistu (Praised Are You) 7. Vos Vet Zayn? (What Will Happen?) 8. Esn Est Zikh (Eating Is an Easy Task) 9. A Dudele 10. 10 Nign Hisvadus (Melody for a Gathering) 11. 11 Simkhe Nigunim (Joyful Melodies) Includes an extensive 28-page booklet with information about the history of the repertoire, English, Hebrew and Yiddish transliterations. A world of knowledge presented by Joel Rubin, a leading scholar of Jewish music. A must for every musician, Klezmer music student, music fan and Yiddish enthusiast! ''The tongue is the pen of the heart, but melody is the pen of the soul'' Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, 1745-1812 ''The nigunim of the rebbes of sacred memory, the joy and sadness of Jewish life, come to life in the beautiful, sensitive music and song of Joel Rubin ... and Rabbi Eli Silberstein. It's klezmer music at its best!'' Roald Hoffman - Frank H. T. Rhodes Professor of Humane Letters Emeritus, Cornell University: Nobel Prize winner, poet, Holocaust survivor.