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4336 Karine Hovhannisyan - Classical Music for the Armenian Kanun

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'from the first notes, I was enthralled, my jaw on the floor, at such a display of virtuosity on such a beautiful-sounding instrument.'' Doug's Musings Karine Hovhannisyan is regarded as the foremost kanun (72-string Middle Eastern lap harp) player of her generation. She studied with the legendary composer and kanunist Khachatur Avetisyan, whose most important works for the kanun are recorded here, including the virtuosic concerto for kanun and orchestra recorded with the Armenian Opera Orchestra. Also included rare gems by Sayat Nova, Komitas and others with members of the Shoghakn Ensemble. Booklet includes and introduction essay by Sahan Arzruni and a chapter about the history and origins of the kanun. Khachatur Avetisyan - Concerto No. 2 for kanun and orchestra 1. Allegro con fuoco 2. Adagio 3. Allegro con fuoco 4. Perpetuum mobile (Khachatur Avetisyan) 5. Tokat (Khachatur Avetisyan) 6. Shalako 7. Komitas Suite 8. Sareri hovin mermen 9. Sonat Taghashar (Khachatur Avetisyan) 10. Ashkharums akh chim kashi 11. Tjhvjhik