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4335 Gevorg Dabaghyan - Lost Songs from Eden

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'There may be no instrument that can sound as richly inconsolable as the duduk...exuberance tempered by tearful memories... Dabaghyan plays right up to the brink of melodrama without ever slipping into it.'' New York Times Duduk virtuoso Gevorg Dabaghyan and the world-renowned Komitas String Quartet together perform folk tunes collected by legendary priest, composer and ethnomusicologist Komitas Vartabet. At the turn of the 20th century, Komitas traveled through the Armenian homeland, an area stretching from Anatolia to the Caucasus Mountains in which many believe the Garden of Eden may have existed, gathering thousands of folk songs. The vibrancy and richness of his collection held up an extraordinary mirror to Armenians on the cusp of modernity. Many of the melodies, and the cultures that produced them, were lost in the ensuing decades. Presented here are 14 folk melodies and a sacred hymn that survived in Komitas's notebooks but are rarely performed in public today. Several are recorded here for the first time ever! These arrangements for duduk (Armenia's most beloved folk instrument) and string quartet by composer Vache Sharafyan were specially commissioned for Dabaghyan and the Komitas String Quartet.