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4331 Trio Kavkasia - The Fox & The Lion - Georgian Vocal Music

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The dense and powerful polyphonic vocal music of Georgia, a tiny but storied nation in the Caucasus Mountains, runs like a bolt of electricity through the listener who has only heard traditional Western choral music. A Georgian song's three voice parts relate to each other like a Mobius strip, with unexpected chords, beating dissonances and ringing unison tones creating a rich texture that doesn't follow Western rules of harmony or melody. Traditionally sung while wielding the plow, encamped on the battlefield, or imbibing wine during a wedding toast, this extraordinary music dates back to at least the 10th century (some scholars claim as early as the 4th century) and continues to thrive at local banquets and private gatherings. Here the renowned Trio Kavkasia presents traditional songs from cities and hamlets across Georgia, in styles ranging from wedding and work songs to carols and hymns. Part of our DIGITAL AUDIOPHILE SERIES, this release is lavishly packaged with a slipcase and 20-page booklet. Alan Gasser - tenor Stuart Gelzer - bass and chunir Carl Linich - tenor, panduri and chonguri 1. Dadianuri Modzakhili (Song of The Dadianis) 2. Sadghegrdzelo-Madlobeli (A Toast, And We Are Thankful) 3. Shairebi (Humorous Verses) 4. Alilo (Alleluia) 5. Okro Mchedelo (Goldsmith) 6. Satsqali Babua (Poor Grandpa) 7. Tsmindao Ghmerto (Holy God) 8. Mtsvanesa Da Ukudosa (Green and Hatless) 9. Telauri Maqruli (Wedding Song from Telavi) 10. Irinola 11. Razhams Didebulni Motsapeni (When the Great Disciples) 12. Sadats Vshobilvar (Where I Was Born) 13. Dhgashi Do Serit Skano Pipkre (Day And Night I Think Of You) 14. Didi Daidzra Sul Mtani (He Called A Great Army Strong As A Mountain) 15. Ghmerto Mets Gadmomkhede (O God, Look Down Upon Me) 16. Misdevs Mela Lomsa (The Fox Pursues the Lion) 17. Jgrish (For St. George) 18. Motsikulno Tsmindano (Holy Apostles) 19. Urmuli (Cart-Driver's Song) 20. Dala Kojas Khelghvazhale (Dali Is Giving Birth on The Cliffs) 21. Ali-Pasha 22. Samnive Sheviqarenit (The Three of Us Gathered) 23. Sulta Tana (To the Souls) Total Time 73:50