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4308 Tanburi Cemil Bey, Vol. IV & V (2-set)

SKU: $22.99
Tanburi Cemil Bey is the most renowned composer of instrumental art music from the late Ottoman Empire. For over a century, his contributions to the suite forms known as pesrev and saz semai and breathtaking, elegiac improvisations (taksims) on tanbur and kemence have remained the benchmark for modern Turkish composers and performers. From 1910 to 1914, before the invention of the electronic microphone, the Blumenthal Record and Talking Machine Company made acoustic recordings featuring Cemil Bey. These volumes in our Tanburi Cemil Bey series include extraordinary taksims, some of Cemil Bey's best compositions, and rare collaborations with great early 20th-century Turkish singers and instrumentalists. All have been digitally remastered using the state-of-the-art CEDAR system. Each features EXTENSIVE NOTES, INCLUDING A BIOGRAPHY OF TANBURI CEMIL BEY, and Volumes II & III and IV &V feature NUMEROUS RARE PHOTOGRAPHS. Featuring Tanburi Cemil Bey on tanbur, kemence, lavta, yayli tanbur and violoncello; other musicians include Tanburi Kadi Fuat Efendi, Udi Sevki Bey, Udi Nevres, and Kemani Salih Efendi, as well as some of the most celebrated master vocalists of the early 20th century, including Hafiz Asir, Hafiz Sabri Bey, Hafiz Yasar Okur, and Hafiz Sasi Osman Efendi. Volume IV (CD 1) 1. Kurdilihicazk taksim (lavta) 2. Neva taksim (tanbur) 3. Yeni cifte telli gazel (voc. Hafiz Asir) 4. Huseyni taksim (4-string kemence) 5. Hicazk saz semai (comp. TCB) 6. Bestenig taksim (yayli tanbur) 7. Niurek taksim (tanbur) 8. Irak taksim (kemence) 9. Suzinak gazel (voc. Hafiz Yasar Okur) 10. Tahir sarki (voc. Hafiz Asir) 11. Suzinak gazel (voc. Hafiz Asir) 12. Rast gazel (voc. Hafiz Sabri Bey) 13. Saba gazel (voc. Hafiz Sabri Bey) 14. Tahirpuselik saz semai (comp. Kemani Riza Bey) 15. Evic taksim (tanbur) 16. Muhayyer taksim (violoncello) 17. Beyiaraban taksim (tanbur) Volume V (CD 2) 1. Setabaran pesrev (comp. TCB) 2. Gulizar pesrev (comp. Tanburi Isak) 3. Seg Karabatak pesrev (comp. Hizir Aga) 4. Hicazk pesrev (comp. Osman Bey) 5. Ussak pesrev (comp. Osman Bey) 6. Bayi pesrev (comp. TCB or Seyfeddin) 7. Hicazk pesrev (comp. Osman Bey) 8. Seg taksim (kemence) 9. Mustear taksim (tanbur) 10. Kurdtaksim (tanbur) 11. Seg taksim (yayli tanbur) 12. Yeg taksim (yayli tanbur) 13. Ussak taksim (lavta) 14. Ussak gazel (voc. Hafiz Yasar Okur)