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4282 Cuarteto Tiempo - Cigar Music - Tobacco Songs of Old Havana

SKU: $16.99
Traditional Crossroads founder, Harold Hagopian, himself a cigar enthusiast, learned quite by accident about an old custom of providing musical entertainment in the cigar factories of Havana. "I set out to find these songs and learn about the whole tobacco-music connection...some of Cuba's legendary songwriters got their start playing in the cigar factories." Many Cuban folk songs invoke the cigar in humorous, romantic or sentimental ways. Music from old Havana flourished in the cigar factories themselves where it was often performed to entertain workers. This exciting collection includes songs by some of Cuba's legendary songwriters, singers - and smokers! In usual Traditional Crossroads style, the CD includes detailed liner notes about this unusual musical tradition from inside the cigar factories. Also included, is a fold-out poster of the famous cigar sites of Old Havana. The group, Tiempo, is one of Cuba's leading quartets known for their unique, harmonically complex interpretations of Cuban standards. The recording also features the guest appearance of Juan Carlos Formell, son of the legendary Juan Formell who founded Cuba's one and only Los Van Van. Juan Carlos is a great talent in his own right and we are honored to introduce his first recording appearance in the USA. Juan Carlos also performs regularly in NYC appearing at SOBs, The Nuyorican Cafe and Battery Park Outdoors. Besides being a novel concept, CIGAR MUSIC features songs by some of Cuba's legendary Songwriters such as Jose A. Mendez and Narciso Cesar Portillo de la Luz and Benny More's playfully suggestive tune, "Your Cigar Fell Down!" As Sigmund Freud said, "Sometimes a cigar isn't just a cigar!