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4349 Richard Hagopian - Music of Armenian Composers

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Most famously known as the oudist and singer of the Kef Time Band, Richard A. Hagopian performs what Dirty Linen Magazine called ''wild, muscle-flexing Middle-Eastern ''folk-rock'' gold...more roots than rock, but no rock music is more energized, driven or passionate.'' Here, Hagopian performs with a more intimate, trio of musicians, rendering classical and folk music by Armenian composers from various regions of the Middle East. As far west as Istanbul, musicians such as Udi Hrant Kenkulian and Kemani Tatyos Ekserjian composed in a classic Middle Eastern style, popular in the early 1900s (tracks 3,4,5,6 composed by Udi Hrant - tracks 7, 13 by Kemani Tatyos) while folk tunes from Armenian villages are represented by traditional dance melodies such as Naz Bar (track 10) and the candle dance, traditionally performed at weddings (track 11). Songs from Yerevan such as Yarimo (track 2) show a mixed-meter form while Bardezum (track 1) is an example of a poetic genre created by 18th century Armenian troubadours known as ashughs. In 1991 Hagopian awarded the prestigious National Heritage Fellowship by the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington D.C., the nation's highest honor awarded in the traditional folk arts. The New York Times called Hagopian ''one of America's most accomplished folk musicians.'' Hagopian has performed at major venues across the USA including New York's Merkin Hall, Symphony Space, The Smithsonian Folk Festival, World Music Institute, and Los Angeles Disney Hall's Grand Performance series. Hagopian was presented in Masterclasses at the Manhattan School of Music and in 2001, he was chosen by the American University to present 100th Anniversary Tribute concerts to his greatest inspiration and teacher, the legendary blind oudist, Udi Hrant. Hagopian presented concerts for this tribute in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Boston, Istanbul and Yerevan. Richard A. Hagopian - oud & vocals Harold Hagopian - violin & kanun Jack Zarzatian - dumbeg & def
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