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7002 Son Beste - Zeki Muren

SKU: $19.99
This 1955 classic love story starring Zeki Muren and Belgin Doruk is one of the first movies to present the legendary singer Zeki Muren . With many scenes throughout of passion and tragedy, Zeki Muren performs many of his classic songs, including the debut performance of his most famous song, Monolya. See footage of old Istanbul and the music world which made Zeki Muren a legend, including rare footage with the most famous Radio musicians and composers of the day, including Udi Yorgo Bacanos, Selahattin Pinar, Sadi I??lay, ?smail ?encalar and many others. Directed by Dr. Ar?avir Alyanak and costarring Belgin Doruk, Ne?e Yulac, Bedia Muvahhit, and Re?it Baran, Universal DVD compatibility.