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4305 Mikveh

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Five of the top musicians on the international klezmer scene have joined forces to create music that engages the experience and spirit of Jewish women. Combining rare historical and new Yiddish and English songs with ecstatic klezmer melodies, Mikveh presents Jewish music through the prism of women's lives--from exuberant celebrations of fertility, work, a daughter's bas mitsveh, and forbidden love, to the quiet grief of miscarriage and the spirit of the Friday night table. Featuring Lauren Brody (accordion), Margot Leverett (clarinet), Nicki Parrott (double bass), Adrienne Cooper (voice), and Alicia Svigals (violin) CD Tracks: 1. Royz royz 2. Heart of the World 3. Sorele's Bas Mitsveh 4. A gutn ovnt Brayne 5. Borsht 6. Gas nign 7. Vos vet zayn 8. Di fayerdike libe/Ay ay ay mazl tov 9. Yosemame/Orphan Mama 10. Eyshes khayil 11. Mazl tov 12. Leyg dayn kop 13. Di arbuzn 14. Baleboste zisinke