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4315 Richard Hagopian - Kef Time Detroit

SKU: $16.99
Richard Hagopian, Hachig Kazarian, Buddy Sarkissian and The Kef Time Band are now available on CD. America's favorite Armenian-American dance band for over a quarter century is presented here in 3 super-deluxe, digitally remastered CDs. These are the classic "Kef Time" albums - Kef Time Las Vegas and Kef Time Fresno (issued together on 1 CD - 4269), Kef Time Hartford and Kef Time Detroit. Integrating the exciting rhythms and modes of the Middle East with Big Band-style arrangements and jazz-inspired solo licks, The Kef Time Band reflects its members' unique experience as sons of Armenian immigrants growing up in America. BONUS!! Kef Time (CD 4269) includes an extra track of one lost tune never before released! Victory Review "...this is a driving club and stage band of the sort that Mendocino bootie-wigglers die for." CMJ "...they play the music of Turkey and Armenia with passion and finesse" Record Roundup "Kef Time means "Party Time"; this popular band, wild and full of abandon, certainly lived up to its name!" Sing Out! "A marvelous recording of Armenian American music" Dirty Linen "wild, muscle-flexing Middle-Eastern "folk-rock" gold...more roots than rock, but no rock music is more energized, driven or passionate." JAZZIZ "Mixing ud and guitaar, this music rocks!"
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