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4279 Armenians on 8th Avenue

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New York's 8th Avenue became a new home for many of the Armenian musicians who immigrated to America in the early 1900s. By 1950, dozens of nightclubs lined 8th Avenue from 23rd to 42nd street. More than an ethnic hangout, it became a trendy scene for chic New Yorkers and celebrities as well as a hub for jazz musicians intrigued by the middle eastern rhythms and quarter-tone scales. Some, such as Dave Brubeck, Lenny Tristano, Tony Scott, Herbie Mann and Leonard Bernstein even tried their hand at writing in this vein, inviting some of the 8th Avenue musicians to record with them. This collection includes recordings from the cabarets of the 1940's of Eighth Avenue's legends - Kanuni Garbis, Marko Melkon, "Sugar Mary" Vartanian and many more, digitally remastered from the original discs. Includes a 28 page booklet and rare photographs from Eighth Avenue.