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4277 Kudsi Erguner Ensemble - Works of Tatyos Efendi, Vol. I - Instrumental Works

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Kudsi Erguner is recognized as one of the modern masters of Ottoman Art Music. Born in Istanbul, he learned both the Sufi and Classical Turkish music traditions from his father Ulvi Erguner, the legendary scholar and ney master. The Kudsi Erguner Ensemble is presented here performing the works of Kemani Tatyos Efendi, an Armenian composer considered a musical legend from the last decades of the Ottoman Empire. Presented in two volumes, Volume One (TC4277) contains the complete instrumental works, saz semais and pexrevs, of Tatyos Efendi. Volume two (TC4278) contains a selection of Tatyos' most renowned xarkis or art songs. Detailed liner notes about the music and life of Tatyos contain analysis of his work and rare photographs of the master. His compositions, considered cornerstones of the classical literature, are interpreted here in the authentic performance style utilizing traditional period instruments. Eight piece ensemble featuring the Erguner brothers, keman, klarnet, ud, kanun, tanbur and def.
Category:Armenian Artists