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4285 Morikeba Kouyate - Music of Senegal

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Morikeba Kouyate is among the world's finest kora players and a member of one of Senegal's renowned musical families. Known as jaliyaa, these musical families passed on their art from generation to generation, historically providing musical diplomacy and oral history as well as entertainment in Senegalese society. Morikeba has performed before the Presidents of Senegal, Gambia, and the United States, and throughout America since immigrating to Chicago in 1991. He is presented here on his first recording performing traditional songs of praise and epic narrative, as well as original compositions. With liner notes by Dave Novak, this is an ideal introduction to music from one of the most famous musical regions of Africa. "Ali Nyo Kano" (Let's Love One Another") centers on the theme of universal love. Performed on kora and balo.