I CAN DO IT Positive Self Esteem Songs for KIDZ CD

SKU: $14.95
This CD is a must for all parents and teachers who desire for their children to grow up with an attitude of joy, love and with a great positive I CAN attitude. Filled with amazing positive fun songs for kidz from new borns 0 - 7.

Why from new borns? Because babies begin to take in ALL thoughts immediately that they are born. They are WIDE open to all we say and all that they hear and then these things become their belief systems as adults. What we feed our children's minds creates WHO they will be as adults.

I feel is it OUR responsibility to help children grow up without all the hangs ups and negativity we have all had to work so hard to release as adults.

Michele Blood has also been wise enough to go a step further and have beautiful little animals speak before each song and educate the kidz a bit more about our beautiful animals from all over the world.

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